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A Deployment to Afghanistan


Ridiculosity is a behind-the-scenes satirical look at life in a war zone. 


Want to see the group dynamic of 5 strangers tasked with collecting information in a hostile environment from people who don’t speak English? Maybe you’re curious about what soldiers do in their down time when the 12-hour day ends? Wondered who and what deploys to a war zone, voluntarily or volun-told?


All that and much more is detailed in Ridiculosity. You get a break down of the players, the bureaucratic army bullsh!t, and the usual assclownery that happens between soldiers – plus my thoughts on the military, veterans, politicians, the American way of life and my way of processing the deployment nonsense when I finally returned home.


My last deployment was to Afghanistan in 2010. I emailed family and friends snippets of our daily lives. They wanted to know – and I found telling it was therapeutic. This book, Ridiculosity – a Deployment to Afghanistan, is based on those emails.


The characters are real, but some details have been changed. We collectively endured a year-plus separation from our family and friends in a hostile country, with a control freak boss. It wasn’t pretty, but it could’ve been much worse. 


Crack the book to peek behind the curtain of my deployment to Afghanistan.


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