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Sometimes serious, sometimes poignant, sometimes ironic and always satirical, Ridiculosity - a Deployment to Afghanistan is an engaging, informative, raunchy, laugh-out-loud look at the antics of a group of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. Experience the triumphs, frustrations, angst, and reflection of a year in a hostile foreign country through the eyes of the team leader. 

"Ridiculosity is beyond funny, its classic satire, irreverent and joyful. Campau takes the reader into the hidden and comical world of a military deployment with a voice that is unforgettable and spot on.


The more I read, the more I laughed. I felt like I was part of the team, one of the guys, in the mix. Campau masterfully includes the reader in the story, again and again breaking the two dimensions of the page.


I experienced this book on three levels. The first, and most obvious level is the humorous. The antics of the team and the absurdity of the high-anxiety Army machine is hilarious. The next level is Campau’s keen insights into what happens to people in a deployment. Through funny observations and insightful summaries, he interprets military experience which can only lead to better self-reflection for veterans and those who love them.  The deepest level I experienced was the thin ribbon of sadness that undergirds the whole work. That shadow you see on the wall as you read is the ever expanding and frustrating war. That low, ebbing sound is youth slipping away, turning the young unnaturally old before their time.


This book will make you laugh, cry, and feel something you can never experience without being there." 

Chaplain (Major) David W. Peters - Author, Death Letter: Sex, God & War



"Ridiculosity is fighting hardship with humor. The lighthearted perspective made me laugh out loud in almost every chapter."

Emily M. - a university student



"Ridiculosity is like sharing beers with an Army buddy swapping war stories."


Larry A. - an Army veteran

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