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Hey y’all, Good news! I have what I think is my mailing address, so please feel free to send whatever you like (within reason). I honestly do not need any type of food items. The chow here is incredible - it makes up for the miserable conditions. Address: HCT 12 TF Thunder (this might change) FOB Salerno (this probably will not change) APO AE 09314 I've heard it takes up to 4 weeks for packages to get to the final destination. I'm on a larger (yet still small) base - think jumbo shrimp - so I've no idea what to expect. We depart Bagram for Salerno tomorrow. small bits of home are always welcome: The Onion & UT news, hometown newspaper, news of the extended family, etc. I'll let you know if I need specifics. Know that I miss you & love you all. Please let others know of my situation and that I"m doing fine. I've got a great team of Soldiers with whom to work and I'll be stationed with the company command team. Looking forward to starting work. Big hugs! T

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