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the New Year resolution

This deployment to Afghanistan was much different than my previous ones. Instead of months of inane, pre-deployment training with frustrated Soldiers, I endured only 3 weeks of medical reviews and HUMVEE rollover training, plus some shooting practice. It was more manageable both mentally and logistically. This time I would be an “individual contributor” meaning I wouldn’t be responsible for managing a team of Soldiers.

I met Melody – another person on my contract. We went thru all the training together and became friends. I also ran into a few familiar faces from my past who were also contracting – like a guy I call Quick Draw who looks like Gary Siniese and someone you might remember – Sister Mary Danger.

This unnamed sequel contains my thoughts, observations and events from 2yrs in Kabul. This was quite a different experience. Whereas I was on the ground doing the actual military job the Ridiculosity (what we all want to do), this time I served on a high level staff – responsible for providing oversight and guidance to those people on the ground. The experience I gained as a Soldier doing the job greatly helped steer the decision-makers in the “white castle on the hill” as we call it. Enjoy

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