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Is it a Rave?

Flickering lights at DFAC

Awhile back Shaniese and I were having lunch in the Chow hall. Everyone else was otherwise occupied so we went together for a sit down meal and picked up a few “to go” plates for the coworkers. Nothing spectacular about the meal or the people inside the place, but the weather made this lunch experience unique.

We had just made it to the parking lot when the dark looming clouds which had hovered over the base all morning unleashed large pounding rain drops. It was quite a storm, but we didn’t experience much of it – ducking inside. However, the accompanying wind and general havoc the storm brought made the lights inside the building dance and quiver, flickering on/off at a rapid pace. It kinda reminded me of those acid induced Rave dances I’ve heard about or one of those Japanese anime cartoons that made kids go into epileptic seizures.

Shaniese and I tried to enjoy our meal, making humming, beatbox and techno noise in between bites. But it wasn’t long before I got a little worried. Because it was the middle of the day I didn’t have a flashlight on me so if the lights went out we’d be lost inside. Plus, my stomach kinda began to react to the flickering lights – I started to feel sick. Add to that the knowledge of the poor Soldier in Iraq who was electrocuted when the KBR built shower building he was in short circuited and electrocuted him. I wanted to leave. The roof of our DFAC leaks when it rains for an extended period of time. I didn’t want a repeat of the Iraqi shower incident, so Shaniese and I finished up and quickly left. However, the whole experience kinda makes me want to attend a Rave sometime. Any suggestions?

FOB Sal Afghanistan

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