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Dispatch #2 - Surroundings

Y’all, I'm here in Afghanistan, doing well. Weather is better here than in TX!, Warm up to 60's day and low's high 30's at night. But come summer we'll pay for it.. heard it's hot like Phoenix... We've been here 6 weeks now and it's surprising how much I've grown into to the position while simultaneously discovering how much I need to learn. My team is dedicated, fun to work with, inquisitive, and head strong: all traits needed in this field. We had our first rains recently, they didn't last long - one day of constant light rain. We've also had a frost, but nothing like back home. Yesterday a buddy of mine and I climbed to the highest point on base (a 3 story high catwalk) where we had a cigar and admired the views. Spectacular indeed. The snow capped mountains of Pakistan were off in the distance, trees and mountains edged the base, qalats (small private compounds) were off in the distance beyond the trees, then came the mountains. It's something you need to see to believe. Yeah, the days are long. I'm usually up by 6am, in the office by 7am, and depart around 10pm. Today is Saturday and I vowed to write some email. It's easy to become enveloped in work here, to the detriment of one's sanity. I've made my team take time away from the office and have done so myself. I've got so much to be thankful for - in light of the first two deployments. Wish everyone understood how lucky we have it actually. It can always be worse, that's my motto. Hope all is well. Please tell everyone I said Hi. T

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