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More Names

Can you believe – Name update #3?

More transitions to and from base mean more Soldiers, which naturally means more interesting names. We can add to Eagle & Pigeon (the noble and the nuisance from a previous update) Hawk and Mallard (the hunter and the hunted). There’s Houston & Lauderdale, Marsh & Pond, Hector & Camacho, Handy & Dandy, Little & Richard (no kidding – I laughed when I realized it), Foote & Locker, Cash & Register, Long & Short, Page & Story, Stout, Sass, Shank & Stuck.

There’s Solomon but no Grundy. There’s no one named Guy, but there is a Smiley. Guy Smiley – he was the “announcer” on the Muppet Show. Remember Tiffany, from a previous update? He’s a Captain – a man. Well he’s not the only guy to suffer with a female name. I’ve seen Vera, Carroll and Beverly – all dudes.

Then there’s the group I call the politicians – Washington, Adams, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Tyler, Grant and Calhoun. I’ve seen a couple of Bush(es) and more Johnson(s) than I’d care to admit to. Finally, don’t forget Thatcher, Kerry, Fox, Kim, Hillary, Calderon, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Dole. Whew! I’m sure I missed some, but I don’t know many politicians’ names.

Can’t forget the “un” pairs – we’ve got Liberty but no vance, Cotton but no linen, rayon or polyester, Presto but no chango, Sheets but no pillows, Singledecker but no double-decker, Coffin but no nail, Cobb but no corn, Coon but no skin, Holdaway but no castaway, Triplett but no twins, Morse but no code, Palm but no pilot, Neece but no nephew, and Jolly but no rancher.

Finally, there are some silly fun names: Spitter, Gamble, Saucier, Dang, Troll, Funzi – yeah, you read that correctly – Funzi (tis worthy of a second mention), Comfort, Meek, Keys, Venable, Crisco and Unterborn – which to me sounds both German and sinister. My time here is far from over so I’m sure there’ll be more names that catch my eye. I’ll be sure to let you know…

And that's all for now.....


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